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Hello and Welcome to Mommy Can't Sing!

I'm Shelle, and I'm the one who can't sing.

Feb 24 After

I love Photography, Kid's Clothing, Mexican food, camping, Moose, my children, and most recently blogging!

This is Moose

Moose Jan 4

He likes hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling and all things outdoors.

This is my Boy

Boy Thunder

He's 4. He loves preschool, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cars, chicken nuggets with fries, being outside and his sister. He is the reason I started this blog.

And my Baby

wanna ball

She is 21 months and learning more each day! She is calm most of the time but can get loud when she doesn't get her way. She loves books and shoes. And she's a boobaholic. She also sleeps in bed with Moose and I.

This blog is mostly about my children and the funny things that they say and do.
I also take a lot of photos.
Sometimes I write poetry.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again some time!

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  1. I love it! I recently wrote my About Me post, and I still feel like it's not that good. It's just so much pressure, to summarize who you are and what your blog is about in only one post!


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